Man confuses Obama and bin Laden in epic quiz show fail

Appearing on a quiz show looks like a lot of fun but we're sure it is a nerve-wracking experience.

All that money is at stake, you're on national television, under bright lights, trying to answer questions.

There's a lot of pressure on you and even the easiest question can cause a temporary brain freeze. It's rare that something like this happens but, whenever it does, the internet can't get enough of it.

The latest example of these incidents came on Sunday nights episode of The $100,000 Pyramid, an American quiz show broadcast on ABC.

The premise of the show involves a contestant being paired with a well-known celebrity who they have to offer clues to about certain topics.

The more clues they guess correctly, the more money they win. Sounds simple, right? Simple is easier said than done, as new father Evan Kaufman proved.

Evan had been paired with the Saturday Night Live alumni Tim Meadows, but things got off to a rocky start on the very first stage of the climb up the pyramid.

The first clue Evan was posed with was 'People Whose Last Name is Obama'. That should be relatively straightforward. Even if he didn't go with 'Barack' he could have said 'Michelle'.

It's not like they weren't the most famous couple on the planet for the last decade or anything like that.

Yet, all that pressure, bright lights and live cameras seemed to get to Evan who inexplicable read 'Obama' as 'Osama'.

Wow. We know that bin Laden was captured and killed during the presidency of Obama, but it's unlikely that anyone would ever get the two confused.

However, that above clip doesn't do Evan many favours as almost immediately after saying 'bin Laden' he corrects himself and gives the clue 'Barack'.

Evan had told host Michael Strahand that he was exhausted from his new roles as a parent even before the quiz started, but even if couldn't have anticipated that sort of beginning.

Still, Twitter didn't cut him any slack for the blunder.

After a tweet of the incident went viral, he was prompted to post a Twitter thread explaining exactly what had happened.

Poor guy. Still, he managed to walk away with a nice $8,500 in his pocket, which we hope can help him and his new family out.

In the meantime Evan, please get some sleep.

HT Mashable

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