It is a strange quirk of Conservative politicians that they seem to forget their party has been in power for the last decade.

The latest Tory with a selective memory is Nadhim Zahawi, MP for Stratford-on-Avon and minister for business and industry. Appearing on Question Time, he said:

It is completely unacceptable that anyone should be sleeping rough in our country.

Zahawi proceeded to talk about the efforts the party are making to eradicate homelessness and the mental health issues that go along with it, conveniently ignoring the fact that, as recently as 2016, he voted down an amendment in Parliament requiring homes to be “fit for human habitation”.

This is the same man who claimed a total of £170,234 in expenses in 2012/13, an amount that could probably have been put to good use. The MP was also forced to apologise in 2013 after a newspaper reported that he had claimed £5,822 expenses for electricity for his riding school stables. Truly a man of the people.

Those on Twitter were less than impressed.

If in doubt it appears the best bet is to blame your predecessors. Even if they've not been in power for ten years.

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