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A new survey into what makes us English and how the English idenify has been published by YouGov.

The results show that a many of us still feel more English than British, despite the act of Union being 310 years old in 2017.

Consulting a sample of 5,835 English adults, YouGov found that 19 per cent called themselves 'English not British' and 16 per cent were 'More English than British'.

Breaking this down on voting lines, the results showed that Leave voters and Ukip supporters were the most likely to prefer an 'English' label over a British one.

Not so little England

Leave voters considered themselves more English than British (48 per cent), more than twice the proportion of Remain voters (20 per cent).


No surprises, Ukippers, often referred to as "Little Englanders", described themselves as the most English. Although Ukip are a minor force in Scotland and Northern Ireland, it should be noted they have solid representation in the Welsh Assembly (six of 60 seats).

What makes us English?

According to YouGov's results, when asked to choose one quality, being born in England was the most important qualifier (81 per cent), but more than half also believed that growing up in England makes a person English.

Quiz: How English are you?

So, without further ado, this super scientific indy100 quiz will determine your level of Englishness.

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