Donald Trump is the messiah, according to this pastor

Doubts about some of the overwhelmingly late-middle-aged, white and male Team Trump continue
Doubts about some of the overwhelmingly late-middle-aged, white and male Team Trump continue

We all have strong opinions when it comes to president-elect Trump – but it seems one end times pastor believes he could be the messiah.

Pastor Tom Horn claimed that a rabbi, he identified as Horowitz, had set a date for the messiah’s arrival 300 years ago on the Jewish calendar. He set it in the year 5777, which translates as somewhere in-between 2016 and 2017. He said on the Jim Baker Show:

Now they are looking at Donald Trump. One of the rabbi's illustrated how his name, the numerology of his name, actually means Messiah.

Think about this for a moment: In the Jewish Zohar, 700 years ago in medieval Aramaic, Orthodox Jews speculated about when will the messiah be on the earth. And in the section of the Zohar they said he would arrive on earth, he will make himself known in the year 5773, which was 2012 to 2013.

What the Zohar said was he will be identified.

There have been at least a dozen Jewish rabbis that have said the messiah is on Earth now. He's been identified, he is soon going to make himself known. 

According to his interpretation, Horn claims that the messiah is seen differently in Jewish culture compared to Christian culture:

They're looking for a king. They are looking for a political leader. And so a matter of fact, messiah to them means the anointed one, and it goes back to the ancient days when they would anoint a king and recognise him as this is the man that God sent.

They are looking for somebody in a political figure who can lead decisive battles in defense of Israel. This is why, the only politician on the face of the Earth that was standing up and saying, 'If I'm elected president, I'm going to be the biggest friend Israel's ever had. We're gonna undo the Iran deal, and being a friend of Benjamin Netanyahu'.

However, Horn says it's more likely Trump is just the forerunner to the messiah. Phew.

I'm not saying that they actually think he is the messiah. What I actually think is that most of the rabbis there think he's John the Baptist and the messiah is about to appear. He is the forerunner.

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