Ramsay helps creates largest beef wellington weighing same as eight-year-old boy

Ramsay helps creates largest beef wellington weighing same as eight-year-old boy
TikTok star Nick DiGiovanni broke his eighth world record with Gordon Ramsay for the world’s largest beef wellington (Nicole Wilson/Guinness World Records)
Nicole Wilson/Guinness World Records

TV chef Gordon Ramsay along with TikTok star Nick DiGiovanni have become the Guinness World Record holders for the largest beef wellington, weighing the equivalent of an eight-year-old boy.

The mammoth dish, created using the Kitchen Nightmares star’s signature beef wellington recipe, weighs around 25.76kg (56.79lb) while the regular-sized meal weighs approximately 1.42kg (3.13lb).

TikTok chef DiGiovanni, who is known for breaking multiple food-related world records, celebrated hitting the 10 million subscriber milestone on YouTube by creating the giant savoury pastry dish.

A video of the world record-breaking moment, and how the pair made the dish, was posted to Twitter by DiGiovanni which shows how they prepared 18kg (40lbs) of beef to create the massive wellington.

Cross section of the world's largest beef wellingtonThe mammoth beef wellington weighs 25.76 kg, which is the equivalent to an eight-year-old boy (Nicole Wilson/Guinness World Records)

The footage shows the chefs sprinkling the beef with meat glue to hold the meat in shape before using a blow torch gun to sear it.

The beef was then brushed with mustard using a large paintbrush before being wrapped in layers of prosciutto, then duxelles – a mix of mushrooms, onions and herbs to create a paste – and finally puff pastry ready to be put in the oven to cook.

Ramsay offered advice to perfect the dish and told DiGiovanni “First of all we’ve got to get that sear – no colour, no flavour.

“Then that duxelles, then the prosciutto, then the crepes, and then of course that delicious flaky pastry.”

Once the dish was cooked and served with the Hell’s Kitchen star’s accompanying sauce, Ramsay described the huge beef wellington as “delicious”.

“Look at that thing… That is beautiful,” he said in the video.

Fellow TikTok chefs Max the Meat Guy, Guga Foods and The Golden Balance lent a helping hand to build the mammoth dish, which consisted of slicing the prosciutto, sou vide cooking the beef until medium rare and encasing it all inside large pastry dough.

(Left to right) TikTok stars Nick DiGiovanni, The Golden Balance, Max the Meat Guy and Guga Foods stood in a kitchen in front of the world's largest beef wellington laid on a tableNick DiGiovanni (far left) received help from fellow TikTok stars The Golden Balance (second left), Max the Meat Guy (second right) and Guga Foods (far right) (Nicole Wilson/Guinness World Records)

Guinness World Records adjudicator Andrew Glass was present to record the official results and confirmed the wellington had beaten the minimum weight requirement of 20kg (44.09 lb).

Overjoyed, Ramsay lifted Mr Glass on his shoulders and spun him around before screaming “I love you”.

This challenge marks DiGiovanni’s eighth world record since 2021, which has since helped him amass more than 11 million followers on TikTok.

His previous world record attempts include creating the largest cake pop, the largest sushi roll, and the largest donation of turkey in 24 hours, and he beat Ramsay’s previous record of the fastest time to fillet a 10lb fish.

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