The one thing you definitely should never say when breaking up with your partner


Break-ups are never easy. But, like most difficult things in life, we can learn from other people's mistakes.

So a Reddit thread of people sharing the worst things uttered during a break-up makes vital reading for anyone who wants to get out of future break-ups in one piece.

Here are some of the worst things people heard when being broken up with:

Don’t be too honest

My wife of 23 years said she never loved me. The life we built was a lie.


'Your brother is better in bed.'

She'd been cheating on me. Yes, with him.


'I'm really sorry, but I only had to date you for a week.'

She lost a bet on a football game. That shit f*cked up my self esteem for the rest of my time in school.


Don’t be too hasty

The day before she broke up with me, I didn't get into Grad School. That was the kicker, me not getting into grad school apparently. She basically said I was a loser and I'm 'not the writer [she] fell in love with before'.

Fast forward a week later, the rejection was a mistake. I actually got in the master’s program! Fast forward to now: I start the PhD program in the Fall!


Don’t make it routine

The day my ex broke up with me, we went out for breakfast. I left later that day and he broke up with me VIA TEXT. Trying not to let it hurt me, I laughed it off and was like 'Hey, at least I got breakfast out of it.' His reply 'Oh they all do'. He then basically told me he was cheating on me throughout our whole relationship. But hey, at least he was classy enough to buy them breakfast in the morning.


Don’t send mixed messages

'I love you'.

Said after the actual dumping. Neither of us had said it yet to each other. It made me more angry than all the things we'd been fighting about combined.


Don’t be an all-round awful human being

'This isn't going to work out. You have baggage now.' His response when I called him from the hospital after my father passed away.


And the ultimate worst thing we've seen so far today?

'Hey you wanna see a magic trick?'


*does crazy things with his hands*

'Poof you're single'


That last one... Is way, way out of line.

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