This couple's 'relationship goals' are going viral for all the wrong reasons

@radates / Twitter

A video of a couple expressing their 'relationship goals' has gone viral, however it's most definitely for all the completely wrong reasons.

The clip was posted to Twitter by account 'Rad Dates' and shows a boyfriend literally summoning his girlfriend towards him in the same way you'd summon a dog, but she looks bizarrely happy about the whole thing.

In the original post, the account said:

I need this type of relationship.

The video sparked a whole series of spoof copies, which sort of nail how ridiculous the whole thing is.

I want a Dorito, please.

Come here, puppy.

Hold my beer, I'm just going to go over there and vom.

Yep, we feel ya, mate.

Is she your dog?

Should we cancel heterosexuality?

Yep, more collective heaving.

It also got the meme treatment.

While the occasional person thought it was 'cute'.

Most thought he was treating her like a 'living pet'.

We're just trying really hard not to throw up.

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