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Couples who live together share a lot more than sheets and chores.

New research has found that they also share bacteria, causing our microbial profile to change. We hope you’re ready for commitment, because that sounds pretty serious.

Canadian researchers found that individuals in relationships influence their partner’s microbial community. (Yes, that’s a thing.)

The researchers swabbed the skin of 330 people, including their eyelids, nostrils, armpits and back.

And the place they found that’s most likely to host the skin bacteria you share with your loved one? The soles of your feet. Just in case this couldn’t get any grosser.

The researchers think this is due to couples both walking barefoot in their home, transferring bacteria between each other.

Josh Neufeld, study author and a biology professor at the University of Waterloo, said:

You shower and walk on the same floor barefoot, and this process likely serves as an effective form of microbial exchange with your partner, and also with your home itself.

Well, you can't say your partner never gives you anything.

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