Remembering when the King of Jordan was on Star Trek

King Abdullah II of Jordan made headlines this week after posing in military fatigues in a post on the official Royal Hashemite Court's Facebook page.

The image sparked - incorrect - rumours he would personally participate in strikes on Isis to avenge the murder of Jordanian pilot Muath al-Kasaesbeh.

King Abdullah would have been qualified to do so: he is a qualified helicopter pilot who trained at Sandhurst and commanded Jordan's special forces before coming to the throne in 1999.

Back when he was still a prince in 1996, King Abdullah appeared as an extra on Star Trek - a video of the incident has recently surfaced again after going viral on Reddit.

According to the Star Trek Voyager Companion the episode was called Investigations, and while it was a non-speaking un-credited role it is on the King Abdullah's IMDB page.

In other news, one of King Abdullah's pet projects in Jordan involves building a Star Trek theme park, according to the Daily Mail.

As David once asked after the dentist, is this real life?

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