All these negative campaigns didn't stop the Republicans from losing massively

Mimi Launder
Wednesday 08 November 2017 16:30
Picture:(Twitter / @SeanMcElwee)

The last few years have seen negative campaigns storm elections globally

But in the US this week, voters have punished these depressing tactics and actively rebelled against them with a surge of support for the Democrats.

All four of these Democratic candidates, who were targeted by negative campaigns, won:

Yes, the Republican connected to this 'mailer' lost to the Latina Democratic candidate Hala Ayala.

And Elizabeth Guzman, an immigrant from Peru, beat the Republican she was running against, despite fliers like this being available in the district.

PR researcher Will Jordan compiled an alarmingly long list of negative Republican mailers in his blog.

He noted:

Republicans appear to have decided, based on some combination of Trump’s example and independent research I’d guess, that this is what they need to do to win.

Here are all Jordan's examples of dishearteningly negative campaigning:

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