The difference between Trump and Obama in 60 seconds

The differences between Donald Trump and Barack Obama are well documented.

Whether they are meeting and supporting the victims of disasters , interacting with world leaders , or simply addressing a crowd - these two Presidents are polar opposites of one another.

They even have differing take on Halloween, which should really be a holiday that everyone can enjoy, right?

The annual White House Halloween Party invites a group of costumed children to the prestigious building where they receive candy and get to meet the President.

Just take a look at how Obama used to greet the kids and generally spread fun and cheer.

That's what Halloween is about, right?

I mean, look at how much fun the Obamas had at the events over their eight year stay at the White House.

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In comparison, this is how Donald Trump interacted with a group of kids when they visited the Oval Office on Friday.

Hardly a barrel of laughs.

The current POTUS spent more time mocking the media than actually talking to the kids, and even when he did try to interact it was pretty cringe worthy.

While Trump was handing out boxes of lollies he actually said to one child:

You have no weight problems, that's the good news right?

Perhaps worst of all is that the kids, many of whom were dressed as Star Wars characters. just looked bored and a little scared.

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Picture: Picture: Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Picture: Picture: Drew Angerer/Getty Images

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