Ukip's new leader is called Richard Braine and people couldn't resist making a very obvious joke

Greg Evans
Sunday 11 August 2019 09:15
Picture:(BBC/ Screengrab/ Twitter)

On Saturday, Ukip announced that Richard Braine would be replacing Gerard Batten as the party's new leader having won 53 per cent of the vote in a members ballot.

Braine who is the chairman of the right-wing party's west London branch won in a landslide over the likes of Freddy Vacha, Ben Walker and Mike Hookem, the former deputy leader.

He replaces Batten who had decided to step-down following Ukip's poor performance at the European elections, where a large number of their former voters switched allegiance to the Brexit Party.

However, less than 24 hours into the job Braine has been at the centre of controversy as it has been reported that he had formerly referred to individuals like Katie Hopkins, Tommy Robinson and Milo Yiannopoulos as 'cutting edge free-speech advocates.'

Away from his politics, Braine name, or at least the nickname given to people called Richard, that being 'Dick' attracted a lot of attention and as you can guess there were a lot of jokes, mostly laughing at the fact that the maligned party and ended up with a man called 'Dick Braine'' as their leader.

Yes, that last tweet is from the former chancellor George Osborne. What a time to be alive!

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