Some right-wing news anchors had a moment of clarity in their coverage of President Joe Biden’s Christmas plans - and Jimmy Kimmel didn’t hesitate to point it out.

On Monday’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!, the comedian highlighted a clip of Newsmax’s morning coverage.

Co-anchor Allison Maloni seemed to throw shade at Biden for spending money on the traditional White House Christmas activities while “inflation is on the rise.”

“It’s the season of giving and the White House wants taxpayers to give $139,000 to cover the cost of President Biden’s first national Christmas tree lighting,” Maloni said.

Unexpectedly, anchor Bob Sellers tried to figure out what was wrong with that.

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“It is the White House. I mean, you do want them to have it. I mean, is this out of the ordinary?” he questioned.

Fellow co-host Shaun Kraisman joined the conversation and confirmed that it is common to spend a pretty penny .

“No it’s not. I looked into it. Like I said, they spent $160,000 before,” he said. This was the cost of the Christmas festivities for former President Donald Trump in 2019.

“So, we’re trying to create something out of nothing?” Sellers asked.

“We’re trying to create something out of nothing,” Kraisman responded.

Appearing to find this moment humorous Kimmel said: “A moment of Christmas clarity. It’s like watching a dog walk into a mirror.”

Elsewhere, Kimmel spoke about his Thanksgiving burnt hair mishap, the Omicron Covid-19 variant, and Melania Trump’s alleged lack of appreciation for Christmas decorations.

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