GTA 6 trailer date was hidden in plain sight by Rockstar Games for months

GTA 6 trailer date was hidden in plain sight by Rockstar Games for months
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When Rockstar Games announced the December 5 drop date for the much anticipated Grand Theft Auto 6 trailer, fans went wild and started their countdowns.

However, after all the buzz, speculations and rumours online, it turns out the gaming company may have had the date in full view all along.

One eagle-eyed gamer turned to X/Twitter with a fascinating observation, explaining how a T-shirt merch drop in GTA 5 showed writing saying, "One day will reveal all".

Upon closer inspection, the shirt featured a series of numbers that unknowingly revealed the trailer's release date.

It read '12523,' which some have interpreted as the American formatting of 5 December 2023 – the official GTA 6 trailer drop date.

The news was soon shared online where it blew the minds of many GTA fans.

"I remember the exact time when this came out, had a really deep feeling about this one possibly hinting out an exact date for the announcement or trailer. It's crazy how this aged well," one wrote.

Meanwhile, another added: "Some GTA accounts predicted this.. but nobody believed them."

Elsewhere, gamers jumped on another small detail they believed to have a hidden meaning.

In the single image posted to advertise the upcoming trailer, three seagulls are seen flying in the background.

Over on Reddit, fans delved into this with theories of signifying three playable characters, similar to GTA 5.

One user wrote: "I was wondering if the three birds were significant, like maybe we’re getting three characters again."

IGN reports that people think the birds signify what songs could be included in the game with popular suggestions being 'Three Little Birds' by Bob Marley and The Wailers or 'Free Bird' by Lynyrd Skynyrd.

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