Sir Roger Scruton, the conservative philosopher and former chair of the government's 'Building Better, Building Beautiful' project, has claimed that voices like his are being silenced in the media.

The 75-year-old has become embroiled in a series of controversies following an interview that he gave to the New Statesman where he made comments about Islamophobia, China and Muslims immigrating to Europe.

Downing Street called the comments "deeply offensive" and subsequently sacked Scruton from his unpaid role, however, The Spectator has since published what they say is the full recording and claims the New Statesmen took his words out of context.

In response to his dismissal, Scruton has told BBC Rado 4's Today programme that he believes voices like his are being silenced on such issues.

I am a conservative thinker, well known as such, outspoken but reasonable in my view.

And there has been throughout this country and throughout Europe, in my view, an attempt to silence the conservative voice.

We get identified, caricatured and demonised and made to look like we are some kind of sinister fascist, racist kind of people.

As soon as the Conservative Party sees one of us being demonised in this way, they rush to disassociate themselves from us.

However, Scruton's claim is almost contradictory due to the fact that it was broadcast on a national radio station and potentially heard by tens of thousands of people.

Given that fact, people were more than happy to point out the obvious.


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