Pro-Trump senator went on Fox News to criticise the impeachment and it backfired spectacularly

Pro-Trump senator went on Fox News to criticise the impeachment and it backfired spectacularly

A US Republican senator has come under fire for insinuating Nancy Pelosi is to blame for the insurrectionists storming the Capitol last month.

In an interview on Fox News, Wisconsin senator Ron Johnson criticised the second impeachment of Trump and then appeared to suggest the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, somehow had insider knowledge or involvement.

The senator is a Republican and has previously come under fire for going to Russia and holding meetings. He is also among the GOP members calling the impeachment trial of former president Donald Trump unconstitutional – a claim that is widely refuted – after attempts to block the trial were unsuccessful.

During his interview, Johnson attempted to point the finger at the Democrats with baseless claims, saying:

“Is this another diversionary operation? Is this meant to deflect away from potentially what the speaker knew and when she knew it? I don’t know, but I’m suspicious.”

His ludicrous claims were very quickly denounced by other politicians, experts and political commentators. One accused Johnson of "pushing yet another insane lie", as he also helped spread the unsubstantiated claim of election fraud in the 2020 presidential vote that saw Demoncrat Joe Biden elected.

Another said he was using the tactic of vilifying women in power as a way to sow anger and outrage.

Republican Congresswoman Ilhan Omar called Johnson's remarks "unreal". But many pointed out that increasingly, what members of the Republican party do or say isn't that much of a shock anymore.

One person responded: "Nothing is unreal in this day and age. Since Republicans have figured out that there aren't any real consequences for saying crazy sh*t, they just put more and more of it out there. "

Any hope that this Trumpian behaviour would end when he was voted out is well and truly gone.

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