Brian Cox has weighed in on Rupert Murdoch's succession plan

Brian Cox has weighed in on Rupert Murdoch's succession plan
Succession's Brian Cox claims AI could be used to write TV shows …
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Brian Cox has commented on Rupert Murdoch’s succession plan and it is all getting pretty meta.

Cox, 77, played Logan Roy in the hit show 'Succession' about a media empire with striking parallels to the Murdoch dynasty.

The 92-year-old business magnate announced last week that he would be stepping down as chair of News Corp and Fox to make way for his eldest on Lachlan.

Now, Cox has commented on the affair.

“I think he’s been watching too much 'Succession',” Cox told the BBC of Murdoch’s decision to name Lachlan as his successor, rather than his other children Elisabeth and James.

“He’s probably the most tenacious human on God’s earth. He’s just kept on going but I think eventually there comes a point when he has to stop and it had to happen and it’s happened.”

The award-winning actor said he suspected the nonagenarian's mental health was “pretty good … but the workload must be too much now”.

The Scot also declined to offer an opinion on whether Lachlan was “Kendall, Roman or Connor”.

“I’m not sure which one he is because I kind of keep out of the whole Murdoch thing.

“Because when you play a role, it’s your creation. The one thing that there is in common is how little Rupert actually expresses himself and he allows things [actions] to speak for itself.”

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