The Russian ambassador trolled David Cameron and Turkey in one tweet

Thursday 03 December 2015 14:00

Russia's embassies are proving to have a somewhat unique social media strategy, and it looks like the Russian ambassador to the UK may have killed three birds with one 140-character stone on Thursday.

For the non-Twitter literate, the full stop before Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn's handle means it was sent as a message that appears on the feeds of all Alexander Yakovenko's followers, rather than just those who follow both Yakovenko and Corbyn.

Which means Yakovenko just publicly:

  • showed his support to the Labour Party leader after he gave his MPs a free vote on air strikes on Isis in Syria, despite his stated opposition...

  • which in turn was a dig at the Tory government, which Russia has very little love for

  • and got in another slur at Turkey following the downing of a Russian jet on the Turkey-Syria border with allegations the Turkish president is involved in buying oil from the terror group


Meanwhile, back in Moscow, Putin's official Twitter account isn't messing around today.

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