The Russian embassy seems to be really enjoying trolling Turkey

There must have been a memo sent to all of Russia's overseas envoys, because the geopolitical trolling is stepping up.

This week relations between Russian and Turkey have cooled dramatically over the shooting down of a Russian jet on the Turkey-Syrian border.

Turkey maintains that the Russian plane had strayed into their airspace, but the plane's rescued co-pilot said that no warnings were given before they were hit.

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has said that Turkey has nothing to apologise for. Vladimir Putin, predictably, said the same, adding how shocked he is by the actions of "a friend".

On Thursday night, the Russian embassy to the UK waded in with its own take on the matter.

Ostensibly tweeting "spectacular Russian poster art" to commemmorate the centenary of WWI, the embassy sent out a picture of a Russian soldier laughing as he sits on a drum he's stolen from a tiny, rather racist caricature of a Turkish musician. has contacted the Russian embassy in London for comment.

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