A 70 year-old man who was filmed racially abusing a passenger aboard a Ryanair flight has broken his silence.

David Mesher was filmed calling 77 year-old Delsie Gayle a an “ugly black b******” and telling her not to speak to him in a foreign language on the flight. The footage sparked calls for a boycott of Ryanair after the airline appeared to take little action against Messer.

Gayle, who’s husband died not long ago, even had to move seats on the flight from Spain to London.

Speaking to Good Morning Britain this morning, Mesher, from Birmingham, admitted that he lost his temper “a bit”, but shockingly denies being racist – despite the language that he used. During the incident he also branded Gayle a "stupid cow".

Mesher, who has been questioned by police over the incident, said that he “absolutely” regrets his behaviour but has denied racism.

He said:

I probably lost my temper a bit and ordered her to get up.

I'm not a racist person by any means and it's just a fit of temper at the time, I think.

I apologise for all the distress you've had there and since.

Responding to his apology, Gayle said:

I don't think so. You must forget and forgive but it's going to take a long time for me to get over what he has done to me.

Her daughter Carol Gayle said:

He says he wasn't racist, he wouldn't be saying words like that if he wasn't racist.

The pair stated that they are still yet to hear from Ryanair while Essex Police continue to investigate.

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