'Saddest cat in the world' that nobody wanted has been adopted - and look how great he looks now

Composite: Instagram (@benbencatcat) / Facebook (Benjamin Button)

As 2016 breathes its last, venomous breath, this adorable story of hope and triumph (and cats) is what the world needs to hear.

BenBen (full name Benjamin Button) has been described as "the saddest cat on the Internet (even on his own Instagram and Twitter bios).

The ginger tomcat was brought into an Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) animal shelter as a stray.

He had deep cuts, a crushed spine and a califlower ear, seemingly having been attacked by a wild animal.

Due to the excess skin on his face, his expression appeared permanently unhappy.

According to LoveMeow, a family adopted him from the shelter but soon returned him because of his serious medical condition.

The shelter therefore deemed the cat 'unadoptable' and were prepared to euthanise him.

But one woman who worked for a vet clinic had seen him on the charity's website.

She and her partner managed to get all the paperwork sorted the day before he was scheduled to be put down.

Then they went to the shelter and brought him home.

According to the vets, BenBen wouldn't eat, drink or move, and would never walk again.

But he made an astonishing recovery.

His owners told indy100: "He was pretty 'unalive' from the shelter to our place. But when we brought him home we put him in a cat-bed in the bathroom and sat with him for about an hour."

I think he started to feel safe pretty quick because we were greeted with purrs and cuddles and so much affection. It only took about an hour before he wanted to start exploring his new surroundings. 

I think at that point he knew he was safe. He knew THIS was his forever home. 

Now he's walking - even running and jumping small distances - and thriving.

According to his owners, because of BenBen's spinal injuries he can barely turn his head to groom the back half of himself.

"When he tries to turn around and look at you he has to turn his whole body. He has perma-sad, but beautiful green eyes."

When he climbs stairs he has this weird bunny hop he uses to get up. And his walk looks like he almost can't bend the knees and elbows.

And his personality is so unique. I can't really describe him.

They told LoveMeow:

He's doing so well! No one who knew him before can believe he's turned out so awesome.

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