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There never was a story of more woe, than this of a kitten known as Romeo.

The ginger tom was born with a mild eye deformity, leaving him with a slightly Crookshanks-esque squashed face.

He was abandoned on the street in Spain.

All his siblings were adopted, but people were cruel about Romeo's appearance, calling him "too ugly" to love.

Picture: Picture: Screenshot / Santuario Compasión Animal

This fortune's fool has nevertheless found a happier ending than his namesake.

Parting was not such sweet sorrow for the abandoned cat, as he was adopted by Laura Llacer at the Santuario Compasion Animal rescue centre, with generosity as boundless as the sea.

Picture:Picture: Screenshot / Santuario Compasión Animal

They say he spends the whole day playing with his favourite toys for hours, until he falls asleep.

Picture:Picture: Composite / Screenshot / Santuario Compasión Animal

We hope that the story of Romeo will help to do away with many prejudices and teach us that what matters, what unites us, is the will to live.

- Santuario Compasión Animal

Picture: Picture: Screenshot / Santuario Compasión Animal

The moral of this story? Don't waste your love on a cat who doesn't value it.

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