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Jim Davidson, remember him? You know, that comedian from the mists of time, who used to be on Saturday evening television on the Jim Davidson's Generation Game. I'm showing my age, aren't I.

Anyway, the controversial comedian, 65, has had yet another Twitter meltdown, this time taking out his ire on the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan. In a tweet, he wrote:

I am never coming to London again. Khan. You have f***** my home town up.

Well, that's a very pleasant thing to tweet, isn't it, Jim?

It goes without saying that people on Twitter were less than impressed, and Davidson well and truly got his comeuppance.

Some were happy with the news.

Aren't you on cruise ships now though, mate?

London's loss is actually London's gain.

If we were you we'd keep a wide birth of Manchester, too, mate.

London is officially a Davidson-free zone! Hurrah!

Finally that good news we've all been waiting for... it's... arrived!

Well, that's... awkward.

Better luck next time, Davidson! Sadiq isn't having any of it.

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