Child calls the police after being served a salad by their parent

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When you're a child, your preferences for different tastes and foods aren't as mature as when you grow up and become an adult.

Although adults don't mind feasting on a healthy salad, all kids want to do is consume pizzas, chips and ice-cream - unless they are super healthy, of course.

However, when a 12-year-old from from Canada was recently posed with the prospect of eating a salad, they resorted to phoning the police to report this heinous crime.

In a release published by the Halifax District Royal Canadian Mounted Police, authorities report that the incident happened on Tuesday in Nova Scotia.

The boy is said to have called the police twice after being served a salad by a parent, which wasn't to their liking.

Police did respond to the call and although they were happy to talk to the child about their dislike of the food, they chose to highlight the importance of not misusing the emergency services.

In the statement, Dal Hutchinson says:

While many can relate to the dislike of a salad at times, this raises a more important issue that warrants discussion at all ages.

The improper use of 911 is an issue with all age groups and it ties up valuable resources, preventing emergency first responders from dealing with real emergencies.

There you go kids. Next time you are presented with a meal that you don't like don't be afraid about complaining but perhaps discuss it with your parent or guardian and allow the police to catch criminals instead.

Also, consider giving salad a go. It's actually really good for you.


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