This scammer thought that he was owning an 83-year-old granny, then got the shock of a lifetime

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There are no two ways about it, scammers that target the elderly and the vulnerable need to be shut down. Like now.

But there's no need to fear - vigilante scammer catchers Deeveeaar are a YouTube channel that have been specifically set up to catch out scammers, making the internet a safer place for everyone. A bit like a modern day Robin Hood.

The page is run by a scam catcher in his late 20s who goes by the name of DVR, and he spoke to BoredPanda about the project:

I started off with some pranks and scambaits, but quickly I started seeing weaknesses in scammers scripts.

I got a lot of very sad stories from victims, which made me really determined to do more.

I got together a team of very skilled people, and we decided to fight back in more ways than just wasting their time.

We started call flooding and accessing their computers so we could uncover more evidence, getting their personal information so we could report them, and figure out more of what they do.

He continued:

We send all the information we obtain from the scammer’s computers to many authorities, locally as well as internationally.

We do know that most of the time it doesn’t do much. But it’s the right thing to do.

Because we know there likely won’t be action taken, we do take justice in our own hands a little.

We mess with their computers and place their photos online, we want to make scammers feel afraid.

I want to make them feel vulnerable, and send a clear message that “you can scam, but you can’t hide."

In his latest scambait, DVR persuaded a scammer that he was a vulnerable grandmother, luring the scammer into a trap, before delivering the fatal blow at the end.

The scammer thought all was going according to his plan when he managed to get an 83-year-old grandmother to give him access to her computer, however, things took a turn for the unexpected, and the granny actually destroyed the hacker's computer.

The scammer had no idea that the 'granny' was actually a hacker from vigilante group Deeveeaar.

Watch the whole scam here:

Many people were impressed by granny's skills.

Taking to YouTube, one wrote:

My god this is too good! My nanna was scammed out of $10,000 by these awful scammers. I showed her this and she loved it, great job!

Another concurred:

Mission Complete! Thank you and your good grandma for destroyed his computer!

And a third added:

I know it's been said numerous times but this is the true definition of "all heroes don't wear capes".

We can't help but agree.

HT Boredpanda

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