Facebook: Man gets his own back on online scammer in hilarious fashion

Tom Sheerin/ Facebook

Nobody likes a scam but it is so very easy to fall for them, especially online.

Whether it is someone offering money or a free holiday, the eagerness to accept these gifts can often get the better of our judgement.

However, logic often prevails as there is always something that just doesn't seem right.

They are often too good to be true and can be spotted from a mile away. Most of the time if you ignore them nothing will happen but one Facebook user recently decided to have a little fun with a scammer who slid into his DMs.

It all started after a man named Michael Austin said a simple "Hello" to Tom Sheerin from Liverpool.

Michael claimed that none other than Mark Zuckerberg had told him to contact Tom, as he had just been randomly selected to win $1.2 million and a jeep that would be distributed by the 'Federal State Government.'

Sensing that this was nothing than a hoax, Tom seized the opportunity to have a little fun with the prankster and boy, did he have fun. For two hours, Tom kept Michael chatting and led him down numerous paths until he finally gave up.

Here is their full exchange, which Tom shared on his Facebook page.

By the look of it the scammer just got bored at the end but we have to agree, that is a nice drawing of a horse.

After Tom's post went viral he began receiving other messages from fake accounts and he applied the same technique.

Of course, all scams should be reported to the correct authorities but this is also a pretty amusing way of dealing with them.

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