Schoolboy who wrote letter to Marcus Rashford tells Boris Johnson he’s not doing enough to tackle racism

Schoolboy who wrote letter to Marcus Rashford tells Boris Johnson he’s not doing enough to tackle racism

A schoolboy who wrote a letter to cheer up Marcus Rashford has now said Boris Johnson is not doing enough to tackle racism.

On an appearance on Good Morning Britain, Dexter Rosier read out the letter he sent to the England player after he received racist abuse following the UEFA Euros 2020 final. He then also revealed he had sent a letter to the Prime Minister. urging him to do more to prevent these cases.

It said: “Dear Boris Johnson,

“I Dexter Rosier do not think you are doing enough about racial abuse.

“Personally, I think racial abuse online should lead to many people being banned from social media.

“If it’s happening face to face it should lead to warning of prison or other consequences.

“Dexter Rosier, aged nine”

Footballers including Rashford, Bukayo Saka and Jadon Sancho became victims of racism following the Euro final in which they missed penalties during the tense shootout.

Since then, they have received huge support online and offline. Politicians have taken a stand, with Conservatives such as Steve Baker and Johnny Mercer suggesting Tories need to change their tone to stop stoking culture wars, while people have rushed to repair a mural of Rashford in Manchester to show their support.

Dexter said he wrote to Rashford to take his own stand against the racist abuse. He said: “After the penalty shootout, I was feeling afraid he was feeling sad because people were being mean about he was Black, I wanted to cheer him up.”

His letter, which he read out on the show, said: “Dear Marcus Rashford, I hope you won’t be sad for too long because you are such a good person.”

He continued: “Last year you inspired me to help people less fortunate, then last night you inspired me again, to always be brave.

“I’m proud of you, you will always be a hero.

“From Dexter Rosier, aged 9.”

He also wrote similar letters to Saka and Sancho.

Dexter also called footballers better role models than politicians and also said he would be keen to be PM himself one day.

Looks like the country could do a lot worse.

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