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This just in: men are at the centre of everything, even lesbianism.

A new study has claimed that lesbianism - which in case you didn't realise is attraction between women - evolved because it's a turn-on for men.

The gay community, suffice it to say, adamantly disagrees.

The research, published in the journal Personality and Individual Differencescomes from the University of Nicosia in Cyprus.

It surveyed 1,509 heterosexual people, and not a single openly gay person.

It found that 30 per cent of men in short-term relationships and 15 per cent of straight men in long-term relationships want their partner to have a sex with another woman.

Whereas only 7.8 per cent of straight women said the same about their partners.

From this, without talking to any lesbians, they hypothesised that men's desire for women to sleep with other women has made women actually attracted to each other.

The paper, which was surprisingly published in 2017, not 1817, says:

A woman, driven by her sexual desires, may seek sexual contact outside of her long-term intimate relationship.

When this woman has sex with another woman she does not have sex with another man which translates into same-sex contact reducing the risk of cuckoldry.

After the study was shared by Pink News and the International Business Times the gay community were a little bit annoyed.

Speaking to the International Business Times, Diana Fleischman, a psychologist at the University of Portsmouth said, the paper is showing the influence of porn on men's preferences as supposed to actual science.

The paper totally ignores a lot of other possible hypotheses and makes claims that are really not supported by the evidence they provide.

Two women having sex with one man is such a common theme in pornography that I think it is very difficult to parse out that particular variable.

There's a big cultural influence of porn because men are more likely to form associations through classical conditioning and stimulation and sexual arousal.

It only takes a few trials to get a man aroused at a piggy bank or a boot.

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