In the ongoing fight for LGBT+ equality, the rights of trans and non-binary people have become a central talking point in the UK.

The UK government’s recent consultation into the Gender Recognition Act brought tensions between trans rights campaigners and those opposing a more inclusive and compassionate gender recognition process to the surface. The Scottish government revealed results of its own consultation, which revealed that Scottish respondents support a third legal gender category for people who do not identify as male or female.

Shortly after pledging to embed LGBT+ education within the national curriculum the Scottish Government has taken a further, more public and unorthodox measure.

The government has responded to transphobes in the most 2018 way possible by changing it's cover photo on Twitter. The banner image on its official Twitter profile reads:

Dear Transphobes, we have a phobia of your hatred. Yours, Scotland.

The image is from a new campaign called "Dear Scotland" which is designed to tackle hate crimes.

Following the campaign, representatives from Stonewall Scotland and Equality Network, Scotland's biggest LGBT+ charity, have tweeted their approval.

While there's still a lot to be done to eliminate anti-trans discrimination, it's certainly good to see the Scottish government sending such a clear message.

Well played, Nicola. Well played.

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