Picture: Ian Forsyth/Getty Images
Picture: Ian Forsyth/Getty Images

Antichrist Ex prime minister Tony Blair made a relatively rare public appearance on Tuesday to talk at Prospect Magazine's 'Britain in the World' event.

We thought Blair was pretty much in hiding until the Chilcot report is released in July.

But in conversation with editor Bronwen Maddox, Blair talked about how the Remain campaign is doing a good job ahead of next month's EU referendum and that the rise of fringe politics still baffles him:

I thought I was pretty good at politics. But I look at politics today - I'm not sure I understand it.

Most of the talk, however, centered on the UK's role in foreign policy - and of course, Blair's time in charge. Among some of the more interesting snippets were:

1. Basically admitting he got the Iraq War wrong...

The lesson from Iraq is not complicated. When you remove the dictatorship, out come forces of destabilisation.

2. We should send in ground troops to defeat Isis.

You are not going to defeat these people unless you take them down and that requires a military capability. Britain has the capabilities.

3. That he still loves Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia is an ally and an important ally... They are a strong ally.

4. It may be time to "re-draw" borders in the Middle East.

Sykes-Picot was done in a Middle East that was very different to today.. but the redrawing of borders must be done with immense care.

5. Blair thinks Syrian president Bashar al-Assad is in one of the most difficult roles in politics.

The worst thing you can get in politics is responsibility without power.

6. The ex-PM dodged a question about the Chilcot Inquiry...

7. But added that he's out of practice at "avoiding questions".


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