Sex education was a lie. You can get pregnant if you're pregnant


If you are an adult, you probably think you’re pretty knowledgeable about sex.

Ok, maybe you might not be an expert; you know definitely basics, right?

Well, prepare to have your illusions shattered – as explained by The New York Times, it turns out a woman can get pregnant while she is already pregnant.

Yes, really.

But before you freak out, it is incredibly rare in humans.

It is fairly common for cats though.

The process is called superfetation, and for such a thing to happen a very specific set of circumstances would have to happen:

  • The woman would have to be ovulating – which usually doesn’t happen when she is pregnant.
  • Sperm would need to attach itself to the woman’s ovule – which during pregnancy is blocked by a “a mucus plug is formed in the cervix, blocking the passage of sperm.”
  • The sperm needs to be implanted as per a regular pregnancy, which is far from a guaranteed thing.

It did happen to a woman in Arkansas in 2011, though.

HT Cosmopolitan

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