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Nicole Prause, principal investigator at the Sexual Psychophysiology and Affective Neuroscience Lab at the University of California, says there is one thing that will make your sex life better.

It doesn’t require much flexibility, and it’s unlikely to lead to an embarrassing trip to A&E with a sex injury.

The key to a better time in the bedroom, she says, is to listen.

Prause told New York Magazine that couples should be open about what they want, and listen to each other:

If you like something they’re doing, say ‘I like that'. Use your words. If you can be more specific about what you like about it, do.

If you really like being choked with a rope, that’s kind of dangerous. Maybe don’t start with that, but talk about it eventually. Start with something more common as a way of building trust.

She says all the research in the world won’t help as much as just knowing each other:

No one wants to be dumb at sex. But the expertise isn’t embedded in the information. It’s embedded in the individual.

There's a cheap Valentine's Day present, then.

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