The hidden calories you aren't reporting

The hidden calories you aren't reporting

Britons are wildly under-reporting how many calories they eat each day, according to new research from the government's Behavioural Insights Team.

The study, which compared scientific and economic data with official government surveys, found that people were eating approximately 3000 calories a day, not the 2000 that government data implied.

So, where are these secret calories coming from? Here are six foods which are surprisingly calorific - despite what those health cookbooks tell you.

Granola - while full of nutrients and "good fats", a cup of granola can weigh in at a hefty 200-500 calories. Best put the spoon down and just sprinkle it on some yoghurt then.

Coconut milk - as the world increasingly ditches dairy, coconut milk is a favoured alternative. However, one cup of the full-fat kind you use in cooking has 552 calories.! Chickpeas might be part of our favourite dip, but they are surprisingly high in calories.

Dried fruit - One cup of dried apricots is 313 calories, where as a cup of the raw fruit counts for 74 calories. One cup of dried apple weight in at 209 calories and dried mango 319 calories per 100 grams. Full of sugar and definitely not one of your five a day.

Chia seeds - Often labelled a superfood by the #EatClean squad, we're told to chuck these into our smoothies, make them into puddings and sprinkle them into our breakfast. However a table spoon = 70 calories so maybe they're not so super after all.

Olive oil - While it might seem like the secret to long lives and beautiful skin it, a table spoon has 119 calories.

Chickpeas - Way to ruin our favourite dip. A can of drained chickpeas has 306 calories in it. And, that's before you have added the pitta bread...

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