It's true that Snoop Dogg isn't usually thought of as the shy, quiet, retiring type. Now, he's turned his wrath on Trump and his supporters, calling them all 'racist'.

The 'Gin and Juice' hit-maker didn't hold back in a fiery rant when being interviewed by DJ Suss on a Sirius XM radio interview, and being asked about his thoughts on the president.

When DJ host Suss One says that he'd like to bring up politics, but that his listeners don't like it when he criticises Trump, Snoop hit back:

[Trump] drew the lines, he drew the motherf**king lines. Before him , there were no lines - everybody was everybody, we respected everything, we didn't trip.

He then continued:

I don’t give a f**k. I tell them straight up motherf**ker.

If you like [Trump,] you’re motherf**king racist.

F**k you and f**k him. He drew the motherf**king lines.

Before him, there were no lines.

Everybody was everybody.

We respected everything.

We didn’t trip.

But n*****, when you drew the line and start pointing motherf**kers out and singling them out, f**k y’all then, n*****. You and them.

And that doesn't exclude fellow rapper Kanye West, who also drew Snoop's wrath:

Kanye too. Don’t forget about him too. F**k you too. Throw him in the bag too, because he’s right with them motherf**kers.

This isn't the first time Snoop Dogg has criticised Donald Trump, or Kanye West. Last year, the rapper made headlines for depicting the former Apprentice reality TV star as dead on the cover of his album 'Make America Crip Again', as well as featuring the mock assassination of a clown Trump in a music video.

Trump suggested that 'jail time' would be an appropriate response to the jibes:

In May, the rapper posted a photoshopped image of Kanye West to his Instagram account, making him look white, with the caption:

The new. Kanye well allwhite [sic] now way to go dude.

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