Snoop Dogg narrating a make-up tutorial is the best thing you'll see today


Snoop Dogg narrating a makeup tutorial video is peak 2019.

NikkiTutorials is a YouTube and Instagram channel that is famous for its awe-inspiring makeup tutorials. The videos on the channel, which is run by Nikkie de Jager, are regularly viewed by millions of people – even rap legend Snoop Dogg.

De Jager uploaded her latest nine-minute tutorial with one addition: Snoop Dogg narrated it.

Yup, read that sentence again. Take it in.

The video was a collaboration with Marc Jacobs, for whom de Jager is currently a global artistry adviser, to introduce their new products, the Accomplice Instant Blurring Beauty Powder with Brush and Accomplice Concealer & Touch Up Stick.

Snoop tries valiantly to be a resplendent voice-over for Nikki even though he clearly has no idea what goes where and why.

“First things first, we gotta clip that hair up, you understand me?” He began.

Clip the hair to get the hair out of the way so she can get those edges together when she start popping that makeup.

The rapper goes on to call the face primer “the roots” of the look, and when Nikki draws a cute heart on her forehead with the concealer (because why not?) he follows it up with “Put the heart right on the forehead, love is love”.

She later goes on to “smoke out” her eyeliner, prompting Snoop to “join” her.

“What she means by ‘smoke it out’ is not what I’m doing right now,” he added.

Could internet content BE any better?

He concluded the video by saying Nikki looked like a “butterfly”.

Oh, wow. Amazing. Straight up, you did that. I’m astonished, I’m proud, I’m happy to be a part of it. When you close your eyes, you look like a butterfly. It’s beautiful.’

You can watch the entire thing below:

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