A snow bomb dropping ‘two inches per hour’ is heading towards the UK

A snow bomb dropping ‘two inches per hour’ is heading towards the UK
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The UK is bracing itself for more cold weather, with a ‘snow bomb’ reportedly set to arrive on our shores over the next few weeks.

We’ve had snow in parts of the UK over the past few days, and if forecasts are to be believed there’s a whole lot set to arrive off the Atlantic Ocean soon.

WX Charts is a site that publishes models of long-term weather forecasts, looking ahead to the conditions we can expect weeks and months in advance.

Their predictions state that the weather complex is coming from Greenland and is set to arrive in the north of Ireland and west of Scotland on February 2.

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It is then expected to make its way through Scotland and the north of England over the next day or two.

The UK could be covered in snow next monthiStock

At its worst, the ‘snow bomb’ could result in two inches of snow.

Netweather’s forecaster Nick Finnis said [via the Express] that “a high latitude blocking towards Greenland” will be heading our way.

It will result in a North Atlantic Oscillation, which brings cold air and results in plenty of rain and snow.

Finnis said: "Colder conditions may spread south with a wintry risk to all parts briefly on the back of low pressure systems moving east and high pressure building to the west."

Meteorologist Jim Dale also told the Express: "Only stratospheric warming over the North Pole will keep us and other northern hemisphere countries in the wintry frame through February.

"It’s begun but it needs to continue, for the Polar Vortex to split and then we see where it goes."

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