SNP politician tears into 'feckless' Brexit Party MEPs in brilliant Sky News interview

SNP politician tears into 'feckless' Brexit Party MEPs in brilliant Sky News interview

The Brexit Party may have swept the board in the European elections, but north of the border the SNP had a pretty historic night too.

The party won its largest ever share of the vote in an EU election, with 37.7 percent. Previously its biggest win was in 1994 with 32.6 percent.

While the SNP took three of the six Scottish seats available, the Brexit Party was granted one by voters.

Speaking to Sky News, SNP MEP Alyn Smith didn’t muck around when asked his opinion on the opposition:

I have absolutely no doubt they'll be shown to be every bit as feckless as their predecessors in Ukip were.

The straight-talking politician called the party out on its alleged shadowy funding, describing it as a "shell company" and "a money laundering front".

Scottish Labour failed to win a single seat in the European elections, while the Tories and Liberal Democrats won one each.

The SNP took the highest share of the vote in 30 of Scotland's 32 councils.

It's not the first time that Mr Smith has impressed with his oratory skills.

Here's the time he won a standing ovation in the European Parliament for his impassioned defence of Scotland as an internationalist country.

People were pretty impressed with his latest effort.

While Nigel Farage's party may have swept the board across the rest of the UK, the Lib Dems and Green Party appear to have achieved a similar share of the vote, suggesting the country remains fairly split down the middle over Brexit.

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