The biggest reactions to the solar eclipse as US goes dark

The biggest reactions to the solar eclipse as US goes dark
Solar eclipse plunges Houlton, Maine into darkness

Yesterday’s solar eclipse was watched by millions across parts of the United States, Mexico and Canada. A partial eclipse was also visible from western parts of the UK.

At totality, major cities were rapidly plunged into complete darkness during the day as the moon eclipsed the sun entirely, causing temperatures to drop.

Animals over the eclipse’s path displayed some interesting behaviours, with observers at Fort Worth Zoo in Texas reporting that animals like elephants, giraffes, bonobos and gorillas moved towards their barns – something they typically do at night.

Unsurprisingly, social media was buzzing with memes, reactions, photos and videos from the amazing celestial event that has not been seen in the United States since 2017.

Here are some of the best:

One person summed up the experience of witnessing the eclipse very well in their post, writing: “Most people forget that it is a whole universe full of galaxies with solar systems within them, more than we can count. Today was a great opportunity to remember we are a tiny speck, on a floating rock, hurtling through the vastness of space.”

One couple even got engaged during the eclipse.

The next eclipse to occur anywhere in the world is not until 12 August 2026, when parts of the Northern Hemisphere will be able to witness it. The path of totality will be in parts of Greenland, Iceland, Spain, Portugal and Russia.

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