Stephen Fry explains how he thinks Trump has benefitted from racism in this disturbing video

Stephen Fry explains how he thinks Trump has benefitted from racism in this disturbing video

Stephen Fry recently released a video explaining what, in his view, are the hidden tricks behind Trump’s success. And why he thinks Trump’s comment that he would “love to be Black” is more than just a blunder.

Fry’s videos often explain significant political events with animations and graphics. In this one, he explains why he thinks Trump’s empire of wealth has been built on cheating and legal loopholes, often at the expense of Black people.

Trump’s best-selling book, Art of the Deal, painted him as an entrepreneur with killer instincts. Fry says out that Fred Trump, Trump’s father, acquired his property through government loans and subsidies that weren't as available to Black people – Trump received $40 million worth of apartments in New York from his parents in 1997. In 2004, those apartments altogether sold for $670 million – which reduced the amount of estate tax that Trump would have had to pay.

It has been claimed that these properties sometimes didn’t allow Black people to live in them, but Trump has always denied this.

Fry also examines the realities of systemic racism – which Trump denies exists. Fry uses examples such as the fact that two identical CVs can receive a vastly different success rate depends on the name that they’re under.

Trump’s claim that “more white people” are killed by the police in the US every year doesn’t hold up to scrutiny. Black victims of police brutality are also more likely than white victims to have been unarmed.

Fry explains how he thinks Trump’s propensity to lie and cheat his way through his life – leading all the way to the presidency – isn’t just a bug, but rather a feature of how he conducts his affairs. Trump says “he never cheats” – but his associates, such as Michael Cohen and Paul Manafort, have been convicted for numerous crimes, including tax fraud and obstruction of justice.

You can watch the rest of the video here.

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