Stop the War has been accused of 'complimenting' Isis

The Stop the War coalition has caused a stir by appearing to praise the "internationalism and solidarity" of Isis.

The final speech of this week's parliamentary debate to decide whether to extend UK bombing of the terror group from Iraq into Syria was given by shadow foreign secretary Hilary Benn, who gave a stirring speech in favour of intervention.

In a post on the pacifist movement's website titled 'Groundhog day in Syria as Mr Benn goes bombing', the group lambasted Benn for opting to "wage an open-ended war without any coherent military or strategic goals, beyond vague talk of ‘degrading’ Daesh."

The post talks about how Benn compared volunteers in the International Brigades who faught Franco in the Spanish civil war to the Western coalition that is currently bombing Isis territory.

It is a very different matter to go unarmed to fight for a country and a people you have never seen, knowing that you may never come back, than it is to stand up in parliament and describe a bombing campaign as an act of socialist internationalism...

Benn does not even seem to realize that the jihadist movement that ultimately spawned Daesh is far closer to the spirit of internationalism and solidarity that drove the International Brigades than Cameron’s bombing campaign.

There was a Stop the War protest outside parliament on Wednesday evening as MPs debated whether to bomb Syria or not. The vote passed with a majority of 397 votes to 223 in the Commons.

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