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We all did stupid things when we were children, and it could be argued that we only learn as human beings through our mistakes.

Whether that was putting our fingers into plug sockets, or jumping extremely vigorously on beds and flying off them onto very hard floors, we've all been there.

Now, Twitter user @MotherOfDoggons has started a thread on Twitter asking people to share the stupidest things they did as children, and the responses are hilarious.

Taking to the platform, she wrote:

What’s the dumbest s*** you ever did as a kid?

My shining moment was when I was like 4? I put floaties on my feet and jumped into a pool thinking I’d walk on water. I almost drowned.

It's honestly amazing that anyone lives past childhood.

Others shared their equally ridiculous stories.

Never call the 'for a good time' number.

Don't try this at home, kids.

Please God, make it rain!

Wow, just wow.

Again, never a good idea.

Hole diving - nice one.

Who hasn't shaved their brows?

Junior aspirin overdose.

HT Someecards

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