Surgeons facing investigation after video shows them stopping surgery to celebrate a goal

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Last week, an extraordinary video went viral showing surgeons in a Chilean hospital pausing mid-surgery to celebrate a goal in the Portugal vs. Chile match.

Although the group of surgeons are in an active operation, they pause to watch Portugal's Joao Moutinho take a penalty, which is then saved by the Chilean goalkeeper. Cue: lots of cheering.

It's not clear what the surgery is, but the patient appears to be unconscious.

And since the video has gone viral, it has emerged the authorities are investigating the matter.
A member of the Chile government's Health Commission, Karla Rubilar, said:

This is a serious situation. There are protocols that should be followed for the security and respect of all patients in all hospitals and health clinics. 

In this case, all of them were broken.

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