Syrian schoolboy in Northern Ireland charms the internet with Belfast accent

A Syrian schoolboy in Northern Ireland has won hearts and minds across the UK after revealing he acts as an interpreter for his classmates.

And people are loving his Belfast accent, too.

Mohammad is being hailed as a “great leader” and “inspiring” by people online after an interview with BBC News about how he uses his English skills to help other students from Syria.

He is absolutely precious.

“It was almost kind of normal,” he said, about learning multiple languages including French.

I moved from Syria to Lebanon so I learned a bit of French – I forgot most of it now – so I came here and then learned a bit [of English].

I started learning and coming to my friends, talking and trying my best to learn stuff. Then, it worked. That’s how I got to this point.

Mohammad added that he helps his friends when they’re stuck. “They [teachers] call me from my class and say, ‘Can you explain that to them?’”

He wants to learn Spanish and Irish in the future, the latter of which would help with his Gaelic and hurling.

Gaelic and hurling you guys.

Barry McMahon, one of his teachers, said: “I’m one of his teachers, he’s an absolute star and he does inspire other EAL kids. They want to be ‘like mohammad’!! Coincidentally, he was also our best player in a recent hurling final! Heart of a lion!”

People on Twitter are completely charmed by Mohammad

And they're impressed by his quick grasp of languages

People can't get enough of his accent

If that didn’t warm your cold hearts, then we're really out of suggestions.

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