Police were called out to investigate an ‘unexploded device’ in London but it wasn't what you might think

Tower Hamlets Police

The police get called in to sort out fights, find robbers and protect the public against threats – even when that threat isn’t a threat at all.

Tower Hamlets Police got a call to Wapping to investigate a “possible unexploded device” that had been washed up on the shore.

London has had its fair share of unexploded bombs. Not too long ago a World War2 bomb was found on a building site in Kingston, and thousands of residents had been evacuated after the unexploded device was discovered in Fassett Road. A few weeks later it was safely detonated. So was another off the coast of Ise of Wight.

So, does Wapping have its own WW2 bomb?

Not quite. The police revealed on Twitter:

Luckily, upon closer inspection, it is a giant glittery Christmas bauble!

Yes, it's a giant Christmas bauble. Washed up in Wapping. In May.

There are so many questions.

People wondered at the size of the Christmas tree...given the size of the decoration

Others wondered how people confused a bomb with a Christmas bauble

But also, we're six months from Christmas?

Some thought it was the perfect opportunity to insert Brexit in the conversation

And puns

"Expect the unexpected" Hackney Police offered in sage advice

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