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The president of Tanzania is urging women to “set your ovaries free” by having more children in an effort to boost the economy.

President John Magufuli wants Tanzania to transform into a regional powerhouse, and he believes women are the key to making that happen, Reuters reports.

Speaking at a gathering of his home town of Chato, he said: “When you have a big population you build the economy. That’s why China’s economy is so huge."

I know that those who like to block ovaries will complain about my remarks. Set your ovaries free, let them block theirs.

The president goes on to cite India and Nigeria as examples of countries that benefited from demographic growth.

Since he took office in 2015, Magufuli launched a campaign to increase economic growth, and in the last four years, the country has sustained high growth.

The East African country already has one of the world’s highest birth rates, at around five children per woman.

His comments have been criticised by activists in the country, with one anonymous person saying:

Women’s ovaries should never be used as a tool for seeking economic prosperity.

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