On Saturday, the United States witnessed another mass shooting when a gunman opened fire killing seven and injuring 22 people in the Texas cities of Midland and Odessa.

Officials have reported, that the shooter, who was shot on the scene, had lost his job just hours before going on the killing spree. Texas had also reportedly introduced a stream of weaker gun laws just a day before the massacre.

Ted Cruz, who is a senator for Texas has been quiet in response to the shootings. Rather than putting a statement on Twitter he instead got involved in a spat with actress Alyssa Milano over the second amendment.

Although it wasn't a direct response to the above thread, activist Adam Best unearthed a clip from 2015, when Cruz would have been campaigning for president, where he inexplicably wraps a streak of bacon around a barrel of a gun and fires the weapon in order to cook the piece of meat.

Cruz also eats the bacon after firing the gun and laughs. The clip was made for the Independent Journal Review and Best tagged Cruz in the post to see if the Republican still found it amusing following this weekend's shootings and the shooting in Sutherland Springs in 2017.

The clip has since been picked up by others, with some using it to pose the same question to Cruz or mock the senator.

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