27 of the funniest and most furious reactions to Ted Cruz escaping to Mexico while Texas is in chaos

27 of the funniest and most furious reactions to Ted Cruz escaping to Mexico while Texas is in chaos

Texas Senator Ted Cruz has managed to land himself in a spot of bother after taking an ill-advised trip to Mexico while those left at home in the Lone Star State have been left to struggle amid one of the worst winter storms on record.

With millions of Texans currently without electricity and water as numerous generators failed across the state decided it was best for him to leave as his house was reportedly “freezing” and a retreat to a luxury resort in Cancun was definitely a warmer option.

Cruz was spotted on a plane to Mexico on Wednesday and criticism for the Republican rapidly grew from there. The 50-year-old then flew back to the United States on Thursday calling the trip a “mistake” and that the intentions of the trip was “to be a good dad” as his daughters wanted to get away from the freezing conditions in their own home.

However, the backlash against Cruz for making the trip, while millions back home are suffering under the severe conditions, which has reportedly left at least 47 people dead, was strongly felt on social media.

Cruz’s comments on climate change also conveniently resurfaced.

The irony of a hardline Republican crossing the border to Mexico to give his family a better life was not lost on some.

Of course, with any story like this Cruz found himself open to ridicule and there were plenty of memes and jokes to go around.

You’re never too far away from a Simpsons meme in a situation like this and there was one scene in particular which captured people’s imaginations.

Amazingly some conservatives have attempted to defend Cruz for making the trip by suggesting that he might actually be more helpful to Texas if he wasn’t having to work in the same conditions as everyone else. This logic didn’t go down quite as intended.

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