Top 10 characters you never see

Top 10 characters you never see

This list was suggested by Stewart Wood, Shadow Cabinet minister and adviser to Ed Miliband, who nominated Her Indoors, Arthur Daley's wife in 'Minder'; Bob Sacamano, Kramer's friend in 'Seinfeld'; Maris, Niles's wife in 'Frasier'; and Godot.

1. Big Brother, 'Nineteen Eighty-Four' Nominated by Steve Van Riel.

2. Elizabeth, Captain Mainwaring's wife in 'Dad's Army' Suggested by Tim Mickleburgh.

3. The man upon the stair "Yesterday, upon the stair,/ I met a man who wasn't there." ("Antigonish" by Hughes Mearns, 1899.) From Alastair Stewart.

4. The teacher in 'Peanuts' Suggested by Tony McCabe.

5. Any of the Prime Ministers in 'The Thick of It' Thanks to John Blake. And in Yes, Minister (from James Ball). Similarly, the President in Veep (from Ronan O'Donnabhain).

6. Any character over 140 on Twitter Very droll, Feldspar.

7. Lt Columbo's wife Nominated by LMCB. This prompted a scholarly dispute about the spin-off series Mrs Columbo, which was generally agreed to be "not canon".

8. Dr Claw in 'Inspector Gadget' From Sam Freedman, Mitchell Stirling.

9. Abigail, of 'Abigail's Party' The 15-year-old who is also having a party while her mother, Susan, is invited to Beverly and Laurence's next door. Nominated by Rob Warm.

10. Mrs Wolowitz, Howard's mother in 'The Big Bang Theory' Nominated by Pamela Hikwa, Martyn P Jackson.

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