NASA astronauts have to pass this test before going into space

Jake Hall
Sunday 14 June 2020 07:00
Picture:(iStock / inhauscreative)

Did you spend your childhood dreaming of being an astronaut?

Well now, thanks to Popular Science, you can see if you have what it takes; the website has recreated a series of six tests given to NASA hopefuls way back in 1969.

Naturally, the recruitment process was fairly exhaustive. Of more than 500 candidates considered, only seven got the chance to actually fulfil their space dreams.

Once these candidates have been whittled down to just 31, they were invited into an Ohio Air Force Base to test for a variety of skills.

These were the exams designed to put them through their paces and push them to their limits, relocating them to isolation chambers and putting them through a series of extreme temperature changes.

Now, luckily for us, you can just take them in the comfort of your own bedroom thanks to Apester.

This exam checks how well subjects picture objects relative to one another.

This still-common military exam tests a subject's grasp of physics and mechanics.

This tests field independence - or the ability to isolate simple forms in complex ones.

This simple, nonverbal exam measures so-called eductive ability—the facility to make sense of complex data.

This challenge checks a person’s analytical thinking by identifying their ability to parse relationships between concepts.

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