People are sharing the bizarre things they found in their parent's homes and it's hilarious


National holidays are typically one of the few times young adults spend back in their family home after escaping moving out.

Chances are, there are a few new additions to the house, possibly to fill the gap of your leaving.

Over Thanksgiving Jenn Bane of Card's Against Humanity asked folks on Twitter to share the weirdest stuff that they could find at their parent's abode.

The internet didn't disappoint.

For starters that was this extravagant seashell bathroom sink.

Things got just more surreal from there.

Some of the artwork was exceptional.

There were a surprisingly large number of bears.

You really have to wonder why some people choose to have this kind of stuff in their house, but each to their own.

Undoubtedly the winner has to be this guest bathroom, which was just too amazing to fit into one photograph.

HT Twitter, BuzzFeed

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